Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 brief memoir

january - started living in venice with domi in that lovely wet room with no windows

february - venice carnival and majestic peace march in vicenza

march - started my therapy, guess how i was feeling?

april - runned frantically up and down northern italy

may - sara came visiting me in venice, what else? many cute pics taken

june - my master degree ended and so my time in venice; also stopped working at the rescue community after one more argument; subtle sense of freedom/emptiness

july - been to st. chart. folk music festival in france, that was the best time in my life perhaps

august - interrail trip through germany, denmark, sweden and norway for 20 wonderful days

september - journey to trieste to meet one last time my university mates alltogether

october - dull month with not much to remember apart from ani di franco's gig in milano, a dream come true

november - started my specialisation course; my first teaching experience on 12th nov!

december - changed school: started teaching on the hillside; woah: my little "niece" lucy olivia came to this world on 28th; new year's eve on elba island... and 2008 started with one ship missed and much snow falling!