Wednesday, October 17, 2012

P90X Extreme Home Fitness - Does P90X Work?

Questions about efficacy of the p90x personal physical fitness training program come up from time to time. After watching a P90X infomercial, one is likely to be left with a simple question: does P90X work? A personal trainer, who comes across a description of this personal fitness training program for the first time is likely to be left with the same question: does P90X work? It is on the basis of the answer that a decision can be made as to whether or not start endorsing P90X to clients. It is easy to understand why the group of people mentioned above poses questions about the efficacy of the P90X personal physical training program. Many of us have come across physical fitness programs that promise a lot, but deliver little or nothing. Indeed, majority of physical fitness programs on the market are of dubious value. This has led to a situation where people become skeptical when coming across new fitness programs, especially with respect to their efficacy. P90X is no exception; hence there is the question we encounter frequently: does P90X work? So, does P90X work? To find answers to that question, we need to look in three directions. What do the people who have gone through P90X have to say? Most of the people who have gone through P90X before say that it works. There are those, who claim they achieved more than they expected from using the P90X program. However, what you don't hear are unequivocal assertions that P90X doesn't work. Take anyone who has gone through the program before and ask him or her directly: does P90X work? It is almost certain that they will tell you that it does, and the only variations are the degrees to which they were satisfied with it. What do the authorities in the area of physical fitness training have to say? Again, there are a few authorities in the area of physical fitness training that seem to have problems with the 'muscle confusion' strategy in P90X, but most are in agreement that in "yes or no" terms P90X works. Whether the design of the P90X program makes sense Taking a critical look at the physical exercises and dietary modifications that make up P90X, one gets an impression that its physical fitness program makes sense. The exercises are designed to avoid physical fitness training plateaus, which tend to frustrate people in advanced physical fitness training programs. The dietary modifications are made to ensure two things. First, they ensure that athletes trying to attain advanced levels of physical fitness through the complex exercises which make up P90X are well fueled in the process. Secondly, they ensure that people trying to attain advanced levels of physical training through P90X are well motivated, given the fact that a person with satisfactory energy levels is likely to have greater motivation to exercise regularly.