Sunday, August 26, 2012

DUBturbo Rocks! But It Has Its Downsides Too

Dubturbo rocks!
In spite of a couple minor downsides (which will be covered further down), for $29 I doubt there is a better value anywhere. This beat making software covers all the bases and does it with quality and style. Whether you're into Hip Hop, House, Jungle, Dance, Film or just about any other modern genre, DUBturbo has something for you. The interface is conveniently divided into 3 main screens: the step sequencer, the drum machine and the 4 octave sampling keyboard. Using these screens you simply enter your sounds, whether synth, drums or percussion and effects either by way of the qwerty keyboard on your computer or by clicking your mouse on the grid. What could be simpler! Even beginners can be up and running within minutes. And, the sound quality is absolutely stunning. Although DUBturbo comes with more than enough sounds to keep you busy for quite a while, new sound libraries are available for a minimal cost. No matter if you need audio for your website, audio for a video, or beats to rap to, DUBturbo has you covered.

Here's an overview of some of the main features of DUBturbo:

16 Tracks sequencer
Ability to draw in sounds or trigger sounds with the qwerty keyboard
Drag & copy your parts around
1000's of cool sounds and drums resident in DUBturbo
Additional sample libraries available for a modest fee
Options to record live to the metronome or draw in your beats
Export to 44.1 Pro quality.wav files
40+ kits, with the ability to import your own samples
Edit the volume of each drum pad to get your drums perfectly balanced
Stereo imaging on all drums for a gigantic sound
4 full octave keyboard in contrast to the 1 or 2 others give you
Draw In melodies or play/record With the keyboard!
Move sounds or erase them with the click of a mouse
1000's of cool sounds - All MASTERED & Stereo Imaged
Auto Quantize

To sweeten the deal, the producers of DUBturbo have included several bonuses with the initial purchase:

4 Premium Sample Packs
Training Videos
Premium Updates-when kit is updated

DUBturbo also comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee, so it's hard to go wrong here.

In my opinion a couple of things would make DUBturbo a better product:

Use of the QWERTY keyboard seems awkward to me. However, I play keyboard and use it to enter my information in another DAW I use. I suppose the makers could have implemented the use of a midi keyboard, but that would have driven the cost up. Besides, you would have to have a keyboard and some sort of interface to use it. MORE MONEY!
Great if you want to make beats. Not so great if you want to record vocals with them. No way to plug in a microphone to record rhymes along with your beats. Sure there are freeware workarounds, but DUBturbo does not support this function.